Mother of the Bride Dresses & Suits

Weddings always seem to be focused on the bride – and rightfully so! – but d’Italia knows that the brides aren’t the only women there who need to look glamorous… the mothers of the bride and groom do too.

Your child’s wedding as a special time in not only your child’s life, but yours as well. That’s why over the years d’Italia has served many a frustrated mum unsuccessfully searching far and wide for the perfect ready-made outfit that works for her body and tastes, complements the bride’s gown and keeps an elegant subtlety in place all at the same time.

This hunt tends to go infuriatingly awry so often because dresses like that don’t actually exist – not until they’re custom-made, that is! The team of 13 dressmakers in Melbourne, exclusively for d’Italia know how to make full use of their extensive collection of Italian silks, French laces and myriad other fabrics and materials to create just the right ensemble for any mum and any wedding.

Maybe the biggest problem mothers of brides and grooms tend to run into is finding that perfect look that doesn’t upstage the woman of the hour while still looking gorgeous themselves. Instead of bringing that responsibility on yourself, let the experienced dressmakers at d’Italia handle it for you. They’ve designed dresses of every kind for countless weddings and women over the years and know how to get it just right every ti

End your search by getting a custom-made dress made from the finest fabrics and the industry’s top seamstresses. Contact d’Italia today to set your appointment before the big day!