Dressmakers & Seamstresses in Melbourne, Victoria

Dressmaking and Couture: Melbourne’s Award Winning Team

Ever wonder how celebrity women always manage to have those chic looks that match their bodies and personalities perfectly? Can you just not seem to get that exceptional, perfect fit yourself, no matter where you buy your clothes from? The answer: custom dressmaking.

Already well-known for carrying and providing top-quality fabrics and French lace from the premier Italian houses, d’Italia doesn’t stop there for their dedicated clients. With free in-house styling and design advice and a dedicated team of industry professionals, d’Italia can refer you to one of their:

  • 15 expert dressmakers/seamstresses
  • 5 gifted couturiers
  • 3 precision ladies’ tailors

From wedding dresses to meet your ideals to racing fashion for standing out in the crowd to formal gowns that will make you unforgettable, d’Italia is the answer to cheaply made, store-bought garments made to fit a mannequin, not an individual person. Over 95% of d’Italia’s clients enjoy their exclusive dressmaking services, covering a range of styles, sizes and body types, and you can be assured they will meet and exceed even your dressmaking specifications.

No matter what your need, contact us today to see how gorgeous – and affordable – your wardrobe can become.

Watch this video about d’Italia’s dressmaking.


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